How to Qualify for SBHA Trophy Saddles and Other Awards

How do I qualify for SBHA Dog of the Year and Handler of the Year Awards? Handlers and dog owners qualify and earn points when they submit a SBHA Membership Form to the SBHA Secretary. There is NO COST REQUIRED to become a SBHA Member. However, points will not be tabulated without SBHA receiving the SBHA Membership Form.

What Trials are sponsored by SBHA where points are awarded? Both Walking and Horseback trials that display the SBHA logo and SBHA sponsors logos will be awarded SBHA Dog of the Year and Handler of the Year Points.

How does a Club join SBHA and gain permission to host SBHA trials? Trial Chairmen should contact either a State Director or an Executive Board Member of SBHA to begin the Club Membership process. Find contact information from the ABOUT heading, or send an email to the SBHA by selecting ABOUT, then CONTACT US

What is the cost for a Club to join SBHA? There is NO COST REQUIRED for a Club to join and run SBHA trials. However, Clubs will not be considered members until the SBHA Club Membership Form is completed and submitted to the SBHA Secretary. A $3/dog drawn tax, shall be included when submitting the Essential Data Forms to award placements.

Does SBHA provide insurance coverage for the scheduled SBHA trial? When the SBHA Secretary receives the completing SBHA Club Membership Form, you are now family and clubs will immediately be insured to run the advertised SBHA trial, and future SBHA trials.

Do Clubs receive assistance from SBHA sponsors when hosting SBHA trials? Once the SBHA Secretary receives the completed SBHA Club Membership Form, and the Club advertises the trial as a SBHA trial with the American Field, the American Field will include the appropriate SBHA logos, qualifying the Club to receive SBHA sponsor packages.

Where do I find SBHA Forms to become an Individual member or Club member? Forms are available for downloading or printing by selecting MEMBERS, them PRINTABLE FORMS, there you will find Membership Form and Club Membership Form.

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