About Us

It is the mission of the Southern Bird Hunters Association to fully embrace and enhance all that is good in the sport of Birddog field trials!

Field trials have been in existence for over 145 years in the United States and our desire is to allow future generations to experience the joy and passion of such a time-honored legacy and tradition. The legacy we wish to provide is for everyone to have the opportunity for the following:

The appreciation and protection of habitat of the game birds of North America. Our hope is that for generations to come, any person with the desire, can come to love and appreciate the ecological circle that allows for game birds and field trials to be a reality.

The appreciation of the special relationship formed between a man and his hunting companion. Understanding the unity of a partnership in which both parties have invested countless hours in order to exhibit flawless communication afield while pursuing North American game birds.

The beauty and integrity of true sportsmanship. The honesty of a welcoming smile and a firm handshake. The ability, as a group, to see a bigger picture than chasing notoriety, trophies or a cash purse. A group of people who want the finer things in life such as friendship, sportsmanship and something bigger than themselves

This is Southern Bird Hunters Association. We would love to have you be a part of this movement.