Futurity Standards

FUTURITY: Dogs must show determination under adverse conditions, and intelligent adjustments to terrain and cover, hunt independently of brace mate with speed and be able to demonstrate endurance. Extreme range will be considered undesirable as it would be in any Shooting Dog Stake. Dogs should handle willingly and at a range adjusted to comfortable handling on foot. Dogs must display an intense desire to find birds, a keen nose to detect the presence of game, and the ability to locate that game quickly and accurately by body scent. Dogs should show staunchness, intensity, and style on point. There will be qualifying heats of thirty (30) minutes and the judges will name those dogs; that they wish to see in the final one (1) hour heat. The type of dog to be honored is one which shows the potential to go on to win the important shooting dog events in the country, such as the Southern Bird Hunters Association�s Regional Classics or Championships and the Southern Bird Hunters Association�s National Shooting Dog Classic or Championships.