About Futurity

There is no exact science to produce top-notch field trial dogs, therefore continued exploration and experimental breedings between proven Sires and Dams offer promise to produce a field trial dog worthy of campaigning. When you find qualities a dog possesses that are important to you, then find similar qualities in the mate dog, your intentions are to breed these two adult dogs with intent to pass along those like qualities into the puppies. Many times you are able to raise a litter of pups that possess characteristic traits from both parents, therefore the breeding was successful, because in the end, we are looking to improve the breed. Then again, not every mating is successful, therefore you need to select a different mate and simply try again.

The SBHA Futurity and Puppy Classic are field trial stakes to honor the efforts of dog breeders who work tirelessly to improve the breed of their dogs. These stakes are the ELITE STAKES, filled with puppies and derby aged dogs that are a cut above. Dogs entered in these stakes have proven to have successful youth carriers, and are willing to compete on a grander scale to find "The Best of The Best". This once-in-a-season event will attract dogs from all over the Country to see how they measure up.

Breeders who produce dogs receiving winning placements are recognized and rewarded cash purses for their accomplishments. SBHA believes everyone involved should be rewarded for their accomplishments. Breeders, owners and handlers share a portion of a massive cash purse and other desirable gifts when placing in the Futurity or Puppy Classic. Futurity winners and Puppy Classic winners are also rewarded with custom oil portraits for their achievements.

In summary, everyone who purchases or raises puppies does so with the intent of creating the best dogs possible, therefore our goals are to improve the breed. Following this practice is exactly what the Futurity and Puppy Classic is all about. So to put your efforts to the test, enroll your litter in the SBHA Futurity or Puppy Classic and plan to compete against the ELITE field trial walking dogs the Country has to offer.

For assistance, feel free to contact either of the Futurity Directors: Bruce Mercer at [email protected], or call 470-345-6369, or Brian Casey at [email protected] or 618-638-2996.